The platform to transform brand spaces into interactive, smart and memorable experiences.

Thrill Your

Learn how you can make brands be the hot stuff among their audiences by transforming spaces into an interactive digital experience.

Know Your

Learn how you can detect people’s profile, behaviour and interaction to measure a brand space performance.

Do not redefine experiences.
Revolutionize them.

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Get more engagement. More product interactions. More consumer insights. WAY more sales.


Get more attention. More conversions. Give people the ad content they want before they know they want it.


Discover how a physical space can go digital and become a real immersive experience.


Showing your products was nice in 1999. Today, create a whole experience around them.

Our tech doesn’t just work.
It amazes.

The hardest thing is to make something easy. We could tell you about our platform using AI, sensors, IOT and datamining. We rather tell you to focus on content and forget about tech.

Seamless integrations and form factors

Stop worrying about installation or scalability. We make it easy as ABC

Out-of-the-box interactive technology

Learn how thrill people through memorable and immersive kickass experiences.

Analytics tracking

Peep into your consumers’ heads to learn how they really think, act and purchase.

Campaign & installation cloud management

Create segmented campaigns by profile and interaction audiences. Manage and monitor any interactive space with few clicks.


We will help your team integrate
Broox into any space you require.

If you don’t have a team, don’t worry,
you already found one.

Get experiential innovation.

The ultimate tool that 100% guarantees you offer real value to your clients.

For Creative

Learn how technology will make your creativity come up with truly memorable brand campaigns. Then, prove your activations’ performance with unseen customer insights..

For Retail

Increase sales by 30-80 %. Not enough? Get 3x engagement and a 2,200% ROI. Get online-style analytics from your points of purchase.

For Spatial

Simple as this: transform any space into a never-seen-before experience and easily analyze its performance.

System integrator,
or potential partner?

We are here to open new revenue streams for you and bring brand new tech to your catalogue.

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that have dreamt with us.

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